Karmic Clearing Class

Facilitated by Rev. LizAnn Brain

This class is held on an on-going basis to effectively address and clear Karmic issues through out all lives and levels.  Rev. LizAnn connects to the Karmic Lords (Angels) who access the Akashic records of the people who are participating in the class.  The Lords let it be known if the Karma that is with that person can be cleared or not at that time, through the person in the class or through Rev. LizAnn if that person isn’t sensing it. The Lords of Karma will let LizAnn know if there is a person in the group who cannot clear that specific Karma with whomever they are working on.  We will clear karma of you and 8 to 12 people/ relationships/ situations in your life and past lives per session.

All sessions begin with a protection prayer request from the Universe.

Sessions are held:

Wednesday’s in Bethesda, 6 to 10? PM. (length according to the wants of the group.)

Monday’s in Rockville, 7 to 9:30PM. (No dinner time at this location, bring water/snack)

6 PM bring a dinner for yourself and bottled water.. (Salad or sandwich, or something light is fine) and something to share, only if you want/can.  Having dinner here is not necessary, however I feel that it establishes a comfort level with the group for the evening. We reserve the right to change if necessary according to location of the classes. (dinnertime currently ONLY at the Bethesda class)

7 PM we try to start the class promptly, which runs for at least 2 hours, we pause and review at about 9 to stretch and see if people want to do a few more relations for clearing, or if someone has to leave.

Cost: $ 25.00, individual class; 4 classes, $80.00, cash or check.

Call for instructions and directions to location. 301-825-5724 or email:Liz@kist.org

We have had some dramatic results and many feel generally “lighter” and happier from the clearing classes. Several have noticed their lives run a bit smoother. Healing will take place when you have cleared any Karma. In this class we clear Karma from all lifetimes as well as this lifetime for each person you work on.  As you clear yourself you are helping the other person as well.

Rev. LizAnn was directed by Spirit (her Masters) to go to Austin early in the year.  Her plan was to stay for two weeks.  She ended up staying for 3 ½ months. While in Austin, LizAnn received direction to train with several Masters Incarnate, and to take many classes (sometimes running for several days on end) on various Spiritual teachings. She also taught a few classes. Receiving direction from her Master Spirit Guides, one class was how a Master Incarnate can facilitate a Karmic Clearing class and Akashic reading. Returning to Maryland, LizAnn was directed to give Karmic Clearing classes to Healers, professionals and people interested in their Spiritual Healing and growth, to help awakening, as well as to facilitate other classes in her many areas of expertise. 

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